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VLog #3 (Cooking) Eng sub

If you didn't get a chance to see the cover that I did last week please go check it out.
I was trying to think of what to do for today's vlog and I decided on cooking!
I really love eating so I thought cooking would be food.
Actually I eat at home before I come to the studio so I don't get a chance to make food very often.
So it will be impossible to talk about some difficult or fancy food, but I thought I would try something simple, fast and delicious.
So I will try to show you how to make hot cake hotdogs!
So before I start cooking I need to show you will need.
First of all a pan and a bowl for the batter. Spoon, and you need a spatula but I don't have one so I'm using this rice scooper.
And most importantly the hotcake mix, Vienna sausages, water, oil. 
Simple right?
So first I'll knead the hotcake.
I don't have milk so I will just use about this much water.
I'll put in about 3 spoonfuls of hotcake mix.
About this watery... 
Now I'll put the batter in the pan.
It's at the right amount of heat now.
Ah... oil oil! First put in the oil... 
Ok I'll fry it now 
You can make whatever shape you want.
If you want to eat a big one you can make it big, or if you want to eat a small one you can make it small.
Oh no! Don't stick don't stick 
I'll start with just two.
Ah! And last week I did Facebook live streaming and I was supposed to do it on my artist page but...
Wait a minute!?! ...why is it burning?
Oh! no!.. I burned it... 
What a mess... ah what a waste... is it ok to eat it?
It's good?? Oh?!
What did I do wrong?
I'll try again!
I think the flame was a little too hot so I'll turn it down a little bit.
I'll start with just one.
I wonder why it's not showing up on the camera very well 
When it's slightly cooked like this then roll up the sausage.
I'm gonna roll it up.
Ah... there's not enough dough... I can only wrap it half way.
What is this?
O then I'll just make it like this.
Ah! I should've made it longer.
Ow it's hot! hot! hot!!! hot hot hot hot hot hot!!!
I'll roll it up again and fry it.
Wrap it up~ wrap it up~
Ah... I better use another spoon.
The batter keeps getting stuck so I have to make another one...
Ah... It's not burnt...
I did it on purpose because I liked it cooked well done I think it's done.
What do you think?
Does it look pretty good?
I'll try it... wow it's hot! Mmmmmmm. it's so good!
It looks like a hot mess but it's delicious!
Ok! I burned it a little so I need to get rid of the smoke.
And in eating the one that I messed up 
Ok I'll try again!
Last time there was too little batter so I need to try to make a different shape this time.
Make a long trail of batter to match the size of the sausage...
It's not real straight...
It comes out like this, I can put the sausage in earlier, here we go!
Time to wrap it up.
it wrapped really well!
Wow amazing!
It worked really well!
If you roll it like this it will cook well.
While it's cooking I'll finish what I was saying earlier,  you know last week I did the Facebook live streaming.
I had just downloaded the Facebook app so... I was late so I was a little flustered, and I was supposed to do it on my artist page.
But I accidentally did it in my private Facebook account.
Tomorrow in Tuesday I'll do another Facebook live streaming and I'll put it on my artist page this time so I hope everyone makes sure to check it out.
Oh no oh no... ok I think it's done cooking.
You don't eat hotdogs like this though... we eat it in a stick usually 
So I'll use this toothpick... huh?
Instead of this I should use a wooden chopstick.
If you stick it in the sausage... it's done... why doesn't it work?
why doesn't it work??
I finished and it turned out like this......
Ok the smoke seems to be gone now.
This is my last attempt... here I go
After trying it I think thinner is better.
I'll try to make the thinnest one.
Oh? This seems ok.
You can flip it over to see if it's cooked enough.
I'll add the sausage now.
Here at the edge.
I'm nervous...
It has to roll up well... Oh? 
It's not bad right?
I think it's ok.
I'll turn the flame up a bit.
Why isn't it cooking?
Please cook~
I think it's done!
Doesn't it seem like it?
It's done!
I should put a wooden chopstick here like a Korean style hotdog...
That's how it was in the blog.
I planned to make a lot so I had a big dish.
But I only have one... 
I'll take my time eating it 

Ok I'm going to try it now!
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