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VLog #2 (What I'm not good at and my dog) Eng sub

In my last Vlog I told you that I would tell you about how I got my record deal, and I told the story to my family first, but they said I shouldn't because it wouldn't be that interesting.
So maybe I'll tell you about it later.
Also, I told you that I would upload Q&A videos and I told you to send me video questions, but I didn't tell you where to send the videos.
I read your comments when you told me "you forgot to say where we should send our video questions" and I laughed so hard.
And I didn't even tell you when and what time I would do it.
I guess I was just a little scatterbrained then.
So the Q&A videos will come out every two weeks on Thursday.
I need to gather your questions so you can send your questions by video here to this *******.
I read all your comments and you guys seem to be curious about a lot of things about me.
So I wanted to talk about some of those things.
So first let me talk about something that my friends and family would say to me, "what's the matter with you?" 
The first one is, that I can't drink coffee. 
Thats really strange right?
When I drink coffee... I can't sleep... and my heart beats so fast.
I love the smell of coffee.
My friends already know, so they're used to it, but if I meet someone for the first time they ask, "What kind of coffee would you like?" and I say, "I can't drink coffee," and they get surprised and say, "What? Why can't you have coffee?" "Is there something wrong with you?"
Everyone enjoys coffee and it's just part of culture now, but I can't really get used to it.
Usually when I go to a coffee shop, there's not much to drink besides coffee so I never know what to drink.
Maybe you guys can recommend something for me.
Um and... Everyone watches a lot of movies, but honestly it's hard for me to watch movies in the theater.
I like watching movies!
But I just can't watch them in the theater. 
When the movie finishes they suddenly turn the lights on and the credits start and everyone gets up to go.
But when that happens my heart starts to beat so fast and I fell strange.
I'm always slower than everyone else to get my mind out the movie.
I think I'm just so immersed in it.
So I really hate that feeling.
But I can't really help it.
Also, I have a dog. 
I've raised my dog for about 14 or 15 years.
My dog is really old.
Her name is Lucky.
So I want to wrap up this Vlog by introducing you to Lucky.
Actually I want to talk more, but I think you might get bored, or it might not be that interesting.
I want to show you a video.
I took this video of Lucky while he was being really pouty.
So she looks really pouty in this video.
-- Lucky! Why are you sleeping with your back to me? Ah, sorry... Sorry to bother you... 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this video, I will see you later. Bye!
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