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I bet you're surprised to see me talking all of a sudden. It's strange for me to be talking on YouTube... But the reason I'm doing this for the first time is that recently I signed with a great record company in England and they gave me some good advice that I should let you guys, my fans, see different sides of me besides just singing and doing music.

So I gathered up the courage to try and now I'm starting. Honestly, I was a little afraid to start because as you all know, I've never showed myself speaking in YouTube before now. And... Um... I don't think my speaking voice is very good, so I have a bit of a complex. So, I avoided it, but this time decided to take this challenge and try my best. If I keep trying like this, it will get more natural right?

Also, we have made a lot of new plans for you guys, so I thought it would be good if I explained each of them to you now. First... Friday. Every Friday evening at 9PM (12:00 GMT) I will upload a new cover! Every Friday evening at 9PM. I won't miss it. This weeks cover that I will upload will be a little different. The reason is because I did this cover as a joint collaboration with a producer from the UK. I just sang and the producer mixed and mastering everything so its a full version!

I'm not going to give you any spoilers by letting you know the song, but I can tell you that the artist is one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift! I hope you like it! It's got a different feel. I really like it.

You see this mic right? I'm making this week's video and Vlog.

Ah, by the way, I read all your posts on Facebook and YouTube and on all social media sites. I really want to answer all of you. I'm sorry if I've forgotten to respond to anyone, anf you always encourage me. Whenever I see famous people on TV they they always say, "I survive on my fans love" and always thought, how can you survive on your fans love, but not I really think thats right.

I'm so thankful for all the strength and encouragement you guys give me! How far did I get so far? There will be a video blog every Monday... It might not happen every week, but anyway, that's my plan. Since I started the Vlogging, I've been worrying a lot about it. I searched a lot to get some ideas and there's a lot of really great videos out there! At the ocean! Or mountains! But me... I'll have to come up with something good.

First of all, I want to tell the story of how I came to sign with my label. When I get time, I'll try other things too.

Also, I need to study English... When I think about studying English I get choked up. Not really English study, but I need a lot of English speaking practice. So I've been watching British and American dramas, like Modern Family and Sherlock! I've been watching Sherlock for a while now, when the Brexit happened. There were a lot of rumors and season 4 is canceled, it was totally unbelievable, but I totally believed it.

Even though you know it's not true, that's the way the fans think you know? While I was waiting for it to come back, I re-watched the previous episodes a lot and I tried to practice speaking. It was funny because my family could all hear me.

I have an older and a younger sister. The ironic thing is that both my older and younger sisters are English teachers. But I don't want to learn from them... my sisters... I wonder why. Also, you know, since I do music on YouTube, I've come to know a lot of tips. So I thought it might be helpful for people who are starting out on YouTube. So I'll try to share some and ... I'll try lots of different things. I'm still thinking about it.

And ... what else ...

The second thing is ... that every Tuesday ... no not ever Tuesday ... On Tuesday I'm going to try Facebook live streaming. I just found out about it too, but I can talk in real-time. It's going to sound really awkward, but it's another way to communicate with you all. And ... On Thursday I'm planning to release a Q&A video. But I don't have any questions yet, so there might not be any until I get some questions from you guys.

There are two ways for you to ask me questions. First ... if you send me a video question the probability that I'll answer your question is 100%. The second method is to post a message and a comment on YouTube and I'll also answer you that way. if there are no questions, I can't upload any Q&A videos. Is that a good thing? So please participate.

Ah, did you go on vacation? I had a lot of places I wanted to go, but I couldn't go anywhere. If you haven't gone anywhere yet, this world is a scary place, so please be careful of other cars and take care of yourselves if you go.

Ok! Well, I was just rambling but thanks so much for watching anyway!

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