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J.Fla Vlog (Shooting Justice League Music Video) Eng Sub

Hello, This is J.Fla!
This is the hotel that I recently stayed at in L.A.
I had the opportunity to be in the promotional music video, Come Together, for the new Justice League movie.
Tada! Here I am, changing into my Wonder Woman Costume.
Out of all the D.C. heroes, I like Wonder Woman the best.
When I heard that I would be this role I was so excited I wanted to fly!
I almost didn't even need a plane to get to America.
I also had to get hair and makeup.
I could really feel the difference between Korean and American style hair and makeup.
I wanted my face to look narrow, but... haha.
But I felt comforted by the fact that everyone said I look like Wonder Woman.
Now I'm taking a still cut.
I thought I would just be singing songs, but I got to try many different things so it was fun.
This is Wonder Woman's studio.
This is wasn't the only studio, there were sets for all the other heroes too.
As you can see, the other people aren't it the shot... ah... you can't see them because they aren't on the camera.
The parts you can't see were directed with such detail!
I was really impressed by that!
This is the camera rehearsal.
When I got the text, I had to act.
This is me acting like I got a text.
And I had to keep repeating it.
But here I got a phone call and I'm not supposed to answer it, but I felt like I had to answer.
The camera shot from all different angles, front, back and from side!
We played music and tried to film naturally.
All the members of the staff took so much care for all of the creators that we were able to focus on acting and were able to do a job for filming.
They told me I was really good at holding my cell phone. Haha.
In this scene I was supposed to just slide it like Wonder Woman, but it must have taken me about 7 takes.
I had to sing for the next scene so I was practicing.
But the strange thing is that I kept getting confused about the lyrics for this song.
Here, I'm really working hard to dance. 
I had jet lag, but everyone seemed to understand and tried to help me out so I'm really thankful to them.
This scene was in an elevator.
It was really fun!
The director gave us each detailed directions.
It was great to meet creators from around the world with the heroes for the video coming from Korea, UK, Mexico, France & USA.
This is my second day of shooting.
I was getting hair and makeup.
...maybe not makeup yet.
This scene was on the rooftop!
Why do I look so sad from behind?
You know, Wonder Woman is a really cool and strong character!
So I saw the Wonder Woman movie, and I watched it again on the plane, so I really wanted to do my best.
His name is Gary Clark Jr.!!
After seeing him in person I had a lot of respect for him and he is really cool!
How it's night time!
This is another group scene.
I was walking with Mario to meet the other members, and seeing the video, it looks really cool!
It was a little difficult to walk in the correct spot.
But after trying it, it turned out really great!!
It was nighttime so I got really cold.
My clothes were really thin.
But the stylists took good care of me and brought me a blanket to keep warm.
I was so thankful that they kept me covered!
I'm so thankful to everyone to helped out, including Yujeong and they label and Jordan.
And most of all, Big thanks to Warner Bros for this paid partnership.
I hope you all have as much fun watching the video as we did making it!
This is the end of my filming experience!!

Thanks for watching!
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